Now Dream.

Today is a good day to curl up up on the couch, sip your tea, coffee, or cocoa, and write a list of all the positives you can think of.

Treat yourself to something. A slice of cake, a walk through the neighborhood, a school-free day. The day is yours.


I am Noah, the maintainer of this community.

This community is a shelter for the battered, beaten, bruised, tattered, and torn. It is a safe place for the recovering, for the hurt, for the hopefuls. Here we will not only share advice and words of wisdom on coping, but also words of hope and inspiration.

Simple rules:

1. This is a safe place.
2. Please, no bashing, flaming, or arguing.
3. Please put possible triggers under an LJ-cut.

An introduction post would be nice, but it is not mandatory.
You may F-lock posts if you want.